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Job Postings

Job Postings

Job Posting Instructions:

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*Due to staff hours, the non-member job posting form is closed indefinitely. SWS is working out options for sharing non-member listings on the job board. If you wish to post a listing, you can join the organization as a member and post listings to our website yourself through our member portal.

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wetland biologist, Seattle, Bellevue, Washington, Portland, Oregon, restoration, permitting, environmental consulting, NEPA, SEPA delineation,

Michelle Brownell

Wetland Scientist, Durango, Colorado

Sean Moore

Wetland Scientist, Wetland Delineation

Joe Rudolph

Ecologist, Wetland Delineation, Threatened & Endangered Species

Aimee Steinbrecher

Biologist, Ecologist, Wetland Science, Wetland Delineation

Joe Rudolph

Tidal Wetlands Restoration - Chesapeake Bay

Sarah Koser

Wetlands delineation and permitting consulting

Dennis Wenger

Wetlands delineation, permitting and mitigation consulting

Dennis Wenger

Lincoln, NE or Omaha, NE

Kris Davenport

wetland, delineation, environment, science

Will Downey

environmental, manager, management

Gina Panasik

wetlands, environmental, science

Gina Panasik


Michael Howard

Biologist, Scientist, Professional Wetland Scientist, Landscape Architect, Planner

Kristi Rettmann
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