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October 2020 Wetland Science & Practice

October 2020 Wetland Science & Practice


Articles Included:


Wetland Research

  • Bark Traits: A Predictor for Recognition of Successional Groups in Riparian Forest Species by J. Rodrigues da Silva and others
  • Mangrove Ecological Restoration Inside Pantanos de Centla Biosphere Reserve (Tabasco, Mexico) by R.A. Betancourth and others
  • Diversity of Temporary Ponds from the Guajira, Colombia by C.E. Tamaris-Turizo and others
  • Treatment Wetlands – Experiences in Mexico by Armando Rivas

Wetland Conservation/Education/Outreach

  • An Ecosystem-based Approach to Managing Fish, Cattle and Forests on the Amazon Floodplain by  D.G. McGrath and others
  • Strengthening Goverance in the Monterrico Multiple Use Natural Reserve: Planning for Conservation with a Bottom-Up Approach by A. Silvia Morales
  • Amphibious Colombia: A Country of Wetlands by R. Ayazo Toscano and others
  • Amphibian Territories in Transition: Socio-ecological Rehabilitation of Wetlands by R. Ayazo Toscano and others
  • Guardians of Wetlands (Los Guardianes de los Humedales): Young Peruvians Committed to Wetlands by H. Aponte
  • We Are Wetlands (@Somos_humedales) by K. Paz Arteaga
  • Urban Wetlands Interactive Platform by C. Teutsch Barros

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