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September 2023 Webinar - Wetland Mitigation and the Art of Creating a Water Budget

September 2023 Webinar - Wetland Mitigation and the Art of Creating a Water Budget

Thursday, September 21, 2023 (1:00 PM - 2:00 PM) (EDT)


View this webinar recording here.

Monthly webinars are offered as a benefit of membership. Once each quarter, in March, July, September, and December, the monthly SWS webinar is open for non-members to attend (and at no cost), as well.

We will be reviewing a proposed wetland mitigation site in Loudoun County, Virginia that is nearing completion of the design process. Attendees will become familiar with the site selection process and what parameters are needed to create a successful wetland mitigation bank, specifically focusing on water budgets.

Speakers: Jennifer Van Houten, PWS, PWD & Stephen Stone, PG

Ms. Van Houten has 26 years of experience in environmental consulting with a specialization in wetlands and water resource management for both the private and public sectors. She manages Davey Mitigations’ wetland, stream, and nutrient mitigation banks. Other duties performed by Ms. Van Houten include: onsite site assessments for potential wetland and stream mitigation opportunities, coordination of wetland, stream, and nutrient credit sales, credit sales management for non-Davey Mitigation owned banks, giving presentations on the topic of mitigation and stream and wetland banking, and leading tours of Davey Mitigations’ created wetland and stream mitigation banks. During her tenure, she has worked on more than 400 projects and created 20 wetland or restored stream sites and/or nutrient conversion projects. 

Mr. Stone has been with WSSI since 2017 and actively working on improving wetland water budgets since 2013, when he began graduate research funded by the Resource Protection Group on Wetbud, a wetland water budget modeling software package. He has verified the software’s calculations through comparisons against manually calculated versions and field data, revised the user manual and developed video tutorials, and developed a routine for comparing model output from wetlands with variable topography to target hydroperiods for various plant communities at specific elevations within the proposed site. Typical duties at WSSI include: assessment of potential mitigation sites, design coordination, groundwater studies, and restoration of construction-related impacts to wetlands and streams.

Thursday, September 21, 2023 (1:00 PM - 2:00 PM) (EDT)
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