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Debbie Fordham

Debbie Fordham


I am a freshwater scientist, with over 10 years of working experience, currently practicing in George as a wetland and river specialist. I have authored over 100 reports and applications and constantly contribute to the scientific and local community. Most of my projects involve (as a minimum) in-depth wetland and river field delineation (including soil investigations via augering, vegetation identification, and classifying the hydrological characteristics), laboratory analysis (such as water quality and sediment analysis), classification, characterisation, ecological health and ecosystem functioning assessments (using the latest available tools), as well as impact rating, buffer determinations, mitigation recommendations and detailed rehabilitation plans. I am highly proficient using GIS software to incorporate accurate spatial analysis and visual aids (No Go Area maps etc.) into reports. 

I hold a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science from Rhodes University, by thesis, entitled: The geomorphic origin and evolution of the Tierkloof Wetland, a peatland dominated by Prionium serratum in the Western Cape. 

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